SARMs Lower SHBG Correction

Quick follow up to SARMs Lower SHBG. That they do, no question. However, there’s something that I imply that I need to correct:

> OK, SARMs lower SHBG, so what? There is no immediate health risk of low SHBG as far as I can tell, though there is an association between low SHBG and high blood pressure. And high LDL (the bad cholesterol). The implication is if you are able to maintain SHBG at normal levels, common side effects may be mitigated.

The bold is a bit of a leap - correlation does not necessary equal causation. That’s not to say that SHBG does not have a negative impact to health, but that I jumped a few steps in making that implication.

/u/bznnnj called out that diet has a large role, and it is accurate that SHBG levels also are influenced by diet because monosaccharide-induced (glucose and fructose) lipogenesis has been shown to reduce human SHBG production by hepatocytes.

/u/MezDez dropped some knowledge bombs this afternoon, a few of which will deserve their own post. The one relevant to this discussion is that SHBG is lowered in this context due to hyperinsulinemia. You can probably tell what this condition is from the word itself - excess levels of insulin circulating in the blood relative to the level of glucose. And as is often the case, he’s dead on: increased insulin resistance is associated with low SHBG.

So there’s diet protocol to explore here on the prevention of hyperinsulinemia.

I am planning on circling back to this subject. In the meantime I wanted to take ownership of what I considered to be a misleading statement (and which may turn to be plain ol’ wrong).

And just to throw more ??? into the mix, Ostarine was actually found to improve insulin resistance.