Protein Requirements for PED Users

Conclusion: 0.82g/lb is the upper limit for those who are natty or running SARMs only, and that's with a fair margin of error built into it already (so no need to round up to 1g/lb). 'Enhanced' 'athletes' (users running AAS) need less protein to maintain a positive nitrogen balance, and this is most certainly less than 0.82g/lb. For a 200lb male, that's just 164g of protein per day.

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Bayesian Bodybuilding does a great job in summarizing protein intake requirements for natural lifters here. It's a pretty solid read, so check it out, but the key points:

Hoffman et al. (2006) found no differences in body composition, strength or resting hormonal concentrations in strength athletes consuming either 0.77g/lb or >0.91g/lb over a 3 month period.

Cut off point of protein requirements to support additional muscle growth when coupled with exercise is 1.6g/kg, or 0.73g/lb in freedom units

The more experienced you are, the less protein you need. 1; 2; 3.

Just like in more experienced lifters, those using PEDs need less protein than those who remain natty:

This is likely due due to an increase in the reutilisation of amino acids from protein breakdown for protein synthesis resulting from androgen administration. Thus, the amount of protein required for muscle mass accrual may be less for individuals on testosterone or anabolic steroids.

And probably something to do with steroids improving nitrogen balance, which reflects the gain in total body protein - the more protein your body holds, the more muscle you have.

So there you have it folks, eat your proteins, they are important. But don't over do it, because it really won't help you. Instead consume more vegetables, lower your blood pressure, and live longer.