Prevalence of SERM Side Effects - Results

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Thank you all for contributing to this survey! We had a total of 54 responses, a pretty good result.

Correlation of Doses & Side Effects (graphed)




Data issues

Length of use was not accurately captured. Some responses tapered their use, and I used the highest dose they used where they reports no side effects. Some responses combined SERM use and data had to be excluded. Some users dosed EOD in which case I halved their dose to normalize the response.


Once we pivot and chart the responses out, we can see some trends, even in our limited data set.

Clomid: Clomid is a mixed bag, at any dose, with the incidence of side effects increasing with dose. 12.5mg ED or less seems to be the spot for minimal chance of side effects. At 25mg, there was an equal number of folks reporting side effects that didn’t (n=6).

Ralox: Side effects were reported as low as 30mg, and also seems dose dependent with an outlier at 100mg reporting no side effects.

Nolva: Well tolerated in general, with noticeable side effects reported at 20mg, but otherwise no side effects reported at any other dose.


There is a large variation in doses folks take as well as variation in tolerance. The highest doses of all compounds reported had some reporting no side effects, whereas some of the lower-mid doses do report side effects. Nolva in particular was most interesting to me in this regard.

Torem and Enclomiphene we do not have a large enough sample size to conclude anything. I also wonder about how the legit the sources are and the enclomiphene given its status.

In the past I have commonly recommended clomid given the lack of SAE in clinical settings and often at much higher doses, however these results indicate nolva to be a better choice. Ideally, enclomiphene would be readily available, but it’s not.