HCG and Anabolic Steroid Induced Hypogonadism

u/comicsansisunderused made a great post about HCG a few months ago. However he concluded that HCG shouldn't be used for PCT which I disagree with, if you have anabolic steroid induced hypogonadism indicated by severe testicular atrophy, it's going to take 5-18 months to recover and normal pct isn't going to cut it. Also long term desensitization is not an issue when using reasonable doses.

Effect of HCG in normal men

Study 1 shows that administration of HCG 300iu ED raises testosterone 2.1x baseline.

Study 2 and Study 3 demonstrated that desensitization seen after hcg administration is mechanistic and part of the feedback loop in regulating testosterone production. HCG administration causes a biphasic release of testosterone with a small peak 2h after injecting and a large peak 48hr after injection. They also showed that splitting HCG doses ed vs once a week reduces estrogen spike but still has the same effect on testosterone.

Effect of HCG in men on trt

Study 4 showed that 250iu of HCG EOD to men receiving 200mg of test e restores intratestcular testosterone (an indicator of steroidogenesis and testicular functioning) to normal levels. It also increses testosterone about 400ng/dL above the control which had levels of ~800ng/dL bringing the levels well into the 'supraphysiological' range. higher doses of HCG had no additional beneficial effect.

Effect of HCG on sarms

There are no studies on this matter, but in theory it will increase test around ~400ng/dL which may help with the lipid lowering and psychological sides. The only downsides being that recovering after stopping hcg may take longer than recovering from a single sarm cycle, and that getting on aas at this point becomes more appealing.

This is a great video on the benefits of HCG vs trt. The professor shows that in his practice HCG causes testosterone to increase 2.5x and after stopping decreases to between 50-100% of the baseline and returns to baseline within 90 days. He also goes over how low doses of HCG do not cause desensitization over long term.

In conclusion:

There are very few legitimate reasons not to run HCG all the time if you are taking AAS, and it has many benefits like increasing steroid precursors like pregenolone and DHEA while also stimulating testosterone production and preserving fertility, preventing or reversing ASIH.