Anthocyanins / C3G: Eat Those Berries

Anthocyanins, especially cyanidin-3-glucoside, present anticancer properties in addition to a host of health benefits. There's a bunch of good stuff here:

They can help prevent left ventrical hypertrophy, a particularly bad form of cardiac remodeling that everyone interested in anabolic compounds should be familiar with:

"SHRs treated with C3G, HCT, and C3G + HCT had lower left ventricular mass and shorter isovolumetric relaxation time compared to control SHRs. C3G ameliorated cardiac hypertrophy and diastolic dysfunction in SHRs." -

Improving insulin sensitivity, which is great for those lean gains:

" Our results indicate that C3G pretreatment effectively reverses the effects of PA on PI3K/Akt axis, and restores eNOS expression and NO release, altered by PA." -

Exhibit neuroprotective behavior, also useful for those playing with neurotoxic compounds:

"These results suggest that cyanidin-3-glucoside protects against amyloid β-induced neuronal cell death by reducing multiple apoptotic signals." -

Lower blood pressure and improve memory in a human trial, so you both get less stressed from arguing on Reddit, and can better remember obscure research notes to win those arguments with:

"Compared to placebo, the 400 mg dose elicited significantly lower diastolic blood pressure and heart rate. Both 200 mg and 400 mg doses elicited significantly higher word recall, with the 400 mg dose also significantly improving word recognition scores, on an episodic memory task." -

There's more accessible information available here. Apparently, it may also help impede fat gain:


There doesn't appear to be any upper limit to how much one can take. Which makes sense, considering that they're components of many berries.

"A trial with eleven subjects was undertaken to determine the safety/tolerability of freeze-dried BRBs and to measure anthocyanins and ellagic acid in the plasma and urine [49] in subjects fed 45 grams (equivalent to a 5% BRB diet in animals) of freeze-dried BRB powder as a slurry in water daily for 7 days.

Absorption of both anthocyanins and ellagic acid was less than 1% of the administered dose." -

Unfortunately, it appears to have poor bioavailability when taken orally. However, early data indicates that it's still beneficial as an anticancer agent, this time against colon cancer:

"Preliminary results for patients 18 weeks on protocol suggest that BRB powder causes ∼ 50% regression rate of rectal polyps (unpublished data)."

Based on this, 60g/day of berries seems to be effective in reducing tumor creation in humans, which strongly indicates to me that there's still going to be beneficial properties from oral consumption.

All told, it's probably a really good idea to add some C3G or some blueberries to your supplementation.