How To Make Your Own BAC Water (& Why The Shortage of BAC Makes No Sense)

There's a shortage of BAC. Apparently. It's in pretty hot demand and lots of places have it listed as out of stock, or is stupid expensive. It's been this way for a while now, and there's two reasons I've heard:

  • The government is requiring a prescription. Apparently to crack down on its use w/ PEDs
  • Various recalls due to foreign object contamination

But when we realize what BAC is, these reasons don't make sense. And spending $20 for 30ml of water... well, that's just stupid.

What Is BAC?

Bacteriostatic Water is sterile water containing 0.9% benzyl alcohol that is used to dilute or dissolve medications; the container can be re-entered multiple times (usually by a sterile needle) and the benzyl alcohol suppresses or stops the growth of most potentially contaminating bacteria. The Bacteriostatic Water can be used in diluting drugs that can subsequently be administered by intravenous, intramuscular, or subcutaneous injection.

For our purposes, it's commonly used with BPC-157, HCG, peptides etc.

Benzyl alcohol is pretty common... and sterile water, well that's just plain ol' distilled water. The kind you can find in the supermarket for a buck or three.

Making Your Own

Knowing what BAC is and how basic the ingredients, you may be interested in making your own, and severing your ties with your supplier selling BAC to you for an insane $20 (or more!) a vial.

If you need 30ml of BAC, that would be about 0.3ml of benzyl alcohol, with the rest being distilled water. Voila. But drawing 0.3ml might be difficult.

So, in reality your recipe is going to look like this:

  1. Buy a gallon of distilled water (3785ml)
  2. Draw 38ml of benzyl alcohol. Add to the distilled water

You now technically have BAC. From here, you can:

3. Boil it, to be safe, for about 60 seconds. (/u/mike_hunt_hurts observes that boiling will not remove endospores or prions, and that adding a filter step will ensure your safety. The filter would be a 0.22um filter. /u/enlilasko mentioned something about an autoclave / pressure cooker. And I guess that would work too.)

4. Draw it while above 60*C, and place into sterile vials

Now you have an ample supply of BAC, for less than $10. You can draw it immediately to use it and not bother with the sterile vials step if you don’t wish to keep it.

For a compound like BPC-157, a common amount of BAC is about 3ml. So safe to say you will have plenty on hand. It doesn’t need to be stored in the fridge. Keep in mind that the BAC in this context is made to be injected. Take care and operate as much as you can in a sterile environment. Don’t make this in the bathroom next to your toilet, for example.

So What?

So that's it pretty much.