Guide to Injectable SARMs

This information is purely for educational purposes. There are risks with home brewing and injecting any substance, including SARMs. Injecting anything can cause severe side effects up to and including death.

Guide to injectable SARMs

People are asking more frequently regarding the process to create injectable variation of SARMs.

Background information:


The process is pretty straight forward, but you need your head screwed on right.

There are plenty of guides on how to brew anabolic steroids from raw powders - the process is the same.

What you need:

  1. Syringe filters .22 micron (there are different types. some are for organic solvents, others are for water based)
  2. SARMS raw powder. It needs to be raw powder. You cannot use capsules or crush up tablet.
  3. Solvents/Oil
  4. Sterile 10ml vial
  5. Syringes. 1ml 25 Gauge works well
  6. Practice sterilisation techniques!!
  7. Glass borosilicate thermometer

I'm not going to tell you where to buy these or guide your hand on producing it. It is in your mission to figure it out - because the journey you will take to use google will improve your skills and provide you with a wealth of information - as long as it isn't from a website managed by Dylan Gemelli.

- Note SARMs are pretty soluble in organic solvents like DMSO, PEG, PG, Benzyl Benzoate, Ethyl Oleate

There are two methods you can take:

Method One - Non Oil based

- DMSO, PEG(200,300,400) + Benzyl Alcohol

This is a modification to the patent here:

One of the methods within this patent is using 10% Benzyl Alcohol, and rest PEG.

If you don't have PEG200, then you may need to dilute the PEG with DMSO to thin the solution:

SARMs are very very soluble in DMSO, but less so in PEG in relative terms. DMSO acts as a co-solvent when mixed with PEG which will allow the entire solution to hold without crashing.

However, this isn't something to worry about since the concentrations we are going to use is going to be something like 20-50mg/ml (2%) which will be soluble regardless.

If you choose to add DMSO, add ( 20% DMSO + 80% PEG ) + 10% BA.

Doesn't really matter which order you mix the solvents and powder in this context.

Method Two - Oil based

- (Ethyl Oleate, GSO, MCT) + Benzyl Benzoate + Benzyl Alcohol

This is the typical AAS brew technique. You choose one of either Ethyl Oleate, GSO, or MCT as your oil carriers.Some people mix them. For example: 50/50 Ethyl Oleate/GSO (since some people don't like injecting too much of Ethyl Oleate)

Also note: GSO and other oils have depot half-life of something like 30 days. This means, When you inject the final-made solution, the Benzyl Alcohol (water soluble) will leave the depot site very quickly, followed by Benzyl Benzoate (Benzyl Benzoate metabolises into Benzoic acid and Benzyl Alcohol in-vivo, both water soluble). The oil and SARM is left behind and the tissues will absorb the SARM leaving the oil at the depot site. Not a big deal really.

Ethyl Oleate has a 10 day half-life and can replace the oil and and reduce the amount of Benzyl Benzoate as it acts as both a solvent and oil carrier. However, you will still need Benzyl Alcohol.

Benzyl Alcohol can be kept at 1%

Benzyl Benzoate can be kept at 10% with EO, or 20% without EO

Unlike Method Two, mix the Benzyl Alcohol with Benzyl Benzoate first. Add SARM, heat, wait till it dissolves, then add the oil. If using Ethyl Oleate only method (with Benzyl Alcohol and Benzoate) then there is no order preference.

Benefit of one or the other?

Non oil-based will be somewhat faster acting than oil-based. Oil-based will slow absorption due to lack of water solubility. It is really a preference for the person - either will work. I wouldn't use Method One as SubQ, but rather I.M. oil-based can be SubQ and I.M.


- Use heat on the stove top and take it off as soon as you see steam - by then the solution should be sterilised (sterilisation mostly occurs at around 50-60 degrees celsius which will be somewhat sufficient but 'scientifically' and ‘properly’, it needs to be 100-120 degrees celsius)

- Filter the solution using the syringe filter straight into the vial after it has been cooked. The warmer it is, the faster it will filter - important tip

- Don't forget to count the weight of the SARM's volumetric displacement to the total volume of the solution. E.g 1gram would be ~equivalent to 1ml.

- Method One are all water soluble solvents - they will leave the injection depot almost instantly

- Ethyl Oleate will totally screw the plunger of the syringe. So this is one reason why people mix oil with Ethyl Oleate (as mentioned above) as the oil will mix and act as a lubricant