Triptorelin: single dose PCT

Triptorelin is a medication that causes stimulation of the pituitary, thus decreasing secretion of luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). Given this description, it might seem an odd choice as a PCT compound, but as always the devil is in the dose.

It’s a gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) agonist and technically a peptide. It’s also used as a chemical castration agent, among other uses.


Paraphrased from /u/MezDez (my edits & links):

GnRH agonists such as Triptorelin act to increase gonadotropin release. The dose used in castration (~4mg every month depending on the type) is required to be given every month to maintain castration.

Initially, it causes a sudden surge in LH which is then down regulated due to the body's negative feedback loop.

But this is dose dependant. When used at 100mcg, it results in a surge.

This claim is backed up by study data, with LH peaking (dose dependent) the day after administration before declining to about baseline when subjects were given 100mcg and 25mcg respectively (page 115).

Also, the best way to increase the efficiency of Triptorelin is to use a once off dose of a long acting SERM, front loaded (e.g 150-200mg Nolvadex).

Dosing Protocol

The full article has more relevant information, but here’s a relevant excerpt:

Take 100mcg Triptorelin. Take 150mg Nolvadex, which has a 7-14 day half life (this will bring your blood levels to what it would be after dosing everyday at 20mg for a week or two) and provides enough of a surge to encourage Triptorelin to work the best it can by blocking Hypothalamus estrogen receptors. As per HCG usage, users experience E2 levels higher than expected, which is independent from the usual aromatisation of testosterone.

Mez comment:

The increase in gonadotropins via Triptorelin increases E2 and has a negative feedback effect on HPGA thus dampening further increase in gonadotropins - Thus, the usage of a long acting serm, like nolvadex, will serve to block this from happening. It is recommended that the Nolvadex one off dose is taken about a day or two before Triptorelin to ensure its active metabolite are at serum peak.

Triptorelin seems commonly available over the internet for ~$30 for a dose, which is about on par in terms of cost, or a little cheaper, as a typical PCT on the back of an AAS cycle.

So What

I don’t expect many folks to use Triptorelin, but the limited data combined with Mez brodotes would indicate it would be an effective single dose PCT.