Shutdown! Guide to Triptorelin

by /u/MezDez

There is a lot of misinformation about triptorelin on those stupid forums I hate, usually something along the lines of 'don't do triptorelin, buy X with this discount code'.

HPTA works on feedback loops. Initially it shuts down due to estrogen and androgen signalling. It remains shut down as the powerhouse within the testis, leydig cells, are no longer getting stimulation by LH to start of the P450scc chain which converts cholesterol in to pregnenolone (and eventually to sex hormones). However, just like the ignition, once it kicks off, there is a chain of reaction and communication back and forth between HPTA.

Make sure your source is legit. I have gotten from multiple sources that did nothing at all. But there should be a spike in LH and FSH no matter what if it isn't a dud, even if you are on cycle. The issue is that those who use it and report that they end up being shut down again after a month, well that's not really how it works. They either got a dud; they didn't do bloods; they had high estrogen levels; they didn't wait till esters cleared.

If your cycle consists of decanoate esters or larger... forget it. Even if its enanthate, it be a little tricky because you want the last exogenous hormone left in your body be testosterone. If you use, you want your levels to drop to natural or just below (3-5mg/day). If you are running something like Trenbolone Enanthate with Testosterone Enanthate, you want to make sure your Tren is <1mg/day and run your testosterone for a few weeks longer past your last Tren pin to make sure of that.

If you are running shorter esters like acetate, propionate, phenylpropionate, bingo, you can hit Triptorelin on day 7 to 12 regardless of point #2.

So what is the best way to go about this?

Take 100mcg Triptorelin at the designated time (as per above). Take 150mg Nolvadex. Nolvadex has a 7-14 day half life. Taking 150mg will bring your blood levels to what it would be after dosing everyday at 20mg for a week or two. This would be enough of a surge to encourage Triptorelin to work the best it can. As Triptorelin causes a significant increase of FSH and LH, this can cause estrogen production that may hamper its potency, thus taking Nolvadex will block Hypothalamus estrogen receptors. As per HCG usage, users experience E2 levels higher than expected, which is independent from the usual aromatisation of testosterone.

Expected result: Within a day your LH will be at the edge or a tiny bit over medical reference range. Within 4 days your balls would be restored to its normal size. If you were to take a blood test after 3 weeks, you will notice LH levels still at the edge of the medical reference range. and FSH would be mid level (around 5). Total T would be mid to high level.

SHBG will be high due to what normally occurs during PCT (which means lower free testosterone). You can reduce this by taking Ostarine a week before your last Testosterone injection and for a month after your triptorelin shot. Ostarine has been shown to significantly reduce SHBG. The Nolvadex would still be active for a month or two after taking it, so it will inhibit any potential suppression induced by Ostarine.


* Remember, E1 is the storage form of E2. if you are running high doses of Testosterone -> even once your levels drop, you'll have significant levels of E1. You want to make sure you run a AI with your testosterone cycle like normal and for a few weeks after your last shot, and not wait till you get symptoms. Just because you don't have symptoms on 500mg Testosterone/wk doesn't mean your E1 and E2 levels aren't the same as someone who is getting symptoms. Reason why some don't get symptoms is that DHT antagonises estrogen in breast tissue, and some people have different densities of estrogen receptors in breast tissue. But circulating estrogen would still be high and would be affecting other systems in the body without precipitating 'symptoms'. Reason for this dot point is that estrogen has signficant signalling in the Hypothalamus which can cause issues regarding feedback loops with HPTA

* Ostarine does not have a suppressive effect on HPTA and does not alter how PCT drugs or Triptorelin would work. The suppression in testosterone that is seen is unrelated to HPTA as proven through studies with both LGD4033 and Ostarine --> There is no suppression of luteinizing hormone.