S4, aka Andarine, aka S-40503. No clinic trial data released for the past 10 years, despite 2007 trials showing promise. This is likely due to the vision impacts many users report where vision may be obscured by a yellow tint. Kinda like wearing shades 24/7, but without the cool factor. No recent press releases. We know it works, but clinical data is short on for this compound as it looks like GTx has shelved it despite having shelled out $3.3MM for the compound rights.

First of all, we have very reliable data that S4 is effective in increasing bone strength, and decreasing body fat. In castrated rats, a 3mg/kg dose helped keep rats at a baseline in terms of lbm, and 10mg/kd performing slightly better. These two studies lead me to conclude that this compound is best used for cutting, and that is backed up by some solid bro-science.

While S4 was suppressive in castrated rates, reducing both LH and FSH, in-tact rats were not significantly impacted.

The typical dose as determined by bro-science, and not by clinical data because per title it is lacking, is 50mg every day, and some recommend following a 5 day on, 2 day off protocol to minimize vision sides. The vision sides, by the way, seem to be caused by an affinity for S4 to bind with cells in your eyes. Pretty freaky. Anyway, the side effects will disappear after discontinuing the compound according to user reports.

So that’s it on this compound, short and sweet. A SARM that will impact LH and FSH mildly, and seems perfect for a cut, and might save you the need to wear sunglasses during the day, but will increase your Uber costs for getting around at night.