RAD140: Dosage Recommendations & Effectiveness

Continuing the trend of 'borrowing' from /u/LuxuriousBottleCap without permission, this article contains content originally posted here, subsequently expanded upon and edited by yours truly.

RAD140 is an AR agonist SARM that is not selective of prostate cells, inhibits breast tumor growth, and suppresses progesterone receptors. This is a SARM that does things we generally want, as its action does not cause prostate hypertrophy and as well as reducing progesterone and inhibiting tumor growth. AND is neuroprotective, in a similar manner as testosterone, useful in preventing or treating alzheimer's. It's currently in Stage 1 trials with an intended audience of those being treated for breast cancer, and it will likely be years before we see this come to market.

A study was done to find just how potent RAD140 was. It was tested at doses of 0.01mg/kg, 0.1mg/kg and 1mg/kg (of body weight). 0.1mg/kg was found to be 80% as effective as 1mg/kg. 0.1mg/kg would be about 8mg for a 180lb man. Amazingly, just 1mg would still be 1/3 as powerful as 8mg. Credit to Ergo Log for finding this study and originally reporting on it.

I'm not surprised by the effectiveness at low doses, as the studies repeatedly cite that RAD140 binds with androgen receptors with high affinity and specificity. A small dose is going to be very effective, with increasing amounts of the compound having less and less impact. Even at 8mg, there is already a clear diminishing return. Much like LGD4033 in the past, I think the recommend bro-dosage has been far two high, probably as much as 3x. Most cycles are 20mg, and from what I've seen 30mg is more common than 10mg. Based on the study it's very likely that 5mg is about 80-90% as effective as 30mg.

The one thing I will call out from the dosing effectiveness table is the loss in fat at the higher dose. While the difference was small, it is interesting, and hopefully in the future we'll draw a conclusion out of it.

While this study was performed on monkeys rather than people, monkeys have been a pretty close analog to humans for several steroids like deca and testosterone. It may not hold true for rad, but while rats are sometimes very different, other primates tend to be fairly close in their response to anabolics.

My (ComicSans) recommendation on dosage is at 10mg, or roughly half the commonly found 20mg per day bro-doseage. LBC originally concluded 8mg or less, but I can see the benefit in the slightly higher dose as it relates to fat loss. But either way, small doses of this compound seem to be absolutely viable. Given it is only in Stage 1, we don't have a good understanding of the side effects to users, though common bro-anecdotes (bro'dotes) seem consistent with headaches, suppression and proneness to anger being reported. The side effects do seem dose dependent, with lower doses (10mg and less) apparently reducing their prevalence.