Phenylpiracetam: Bring Forth Your Inner Stimmed-Out Cosmonaut


Phenylpiracetam is a personal favorite of mine and something that I have taken almost daily for the last two years. This is a very safe stimulant nootropic which is part of the Russian cosmonaut emergency health kit for use in space, is allegedly used by special forces operating around the arctic circle and other cold-weather areas, and is banned both by WADA and USADA.

It has shown to increase mouse will to work and has been shown to inhibit dopamine transporters from releasing dopamine. This is why phenylpiracetam has such a profound effect, brightening the athlete’s mood and getting them ready to train even on the worst days.

It has also been shown to increase the distance traveled of rats in open-field tests. Phenylpiracetam has also been shown to improve cold resistance. This is one of the ways it is used by winter sport athletes and military.

What can you expect from phenylpiracetam as an athlete?

Disclaimer: This is a collection of my own experiences and those that I have collected by administering this substance to friends and family (I have given it to quite a few people over the years) as well as others’ experiences online.

Increased endurance – you will be able to push yourself further on runs (you will run faster as well), recover faster between sets, and do more sets without backing down on reps (so in effect, you might be able to do 6 sets of 5 instead of 5 sets of 5 and then one last set of 3). For combat sports like boxing this is most apparent in the recovery between rounds when you are pushing yourself. I really recommend this for combat sports.

Increased will to train – one of the main ways I like to use phenylpiracetam is when I don’t feel like training. It will even cure mild stomach aches, bad moods, and mental fatigue. It has a profound effect on sleep deprivation symptoms as well. It’s possible to skip one night’s sleep, and if administering enough phenylpiracetam experience little to no adverse effects the next day (I have only been able to do this for one day, you will absolutely crash the following night no matter what). Many times I premixed my phenylpiracetam in water and left it within arm’s reach of my bed because I knew that was the only way I would be waking up on time the next morning and not wanting to off myself.

Clear constipation or “half-way” bowel movements that keep you from training or put you in a bad mood – this has a similar effect to doing a huge line of cocaine. If there is something that is due to be squeezed out your colon, it’s coming out within the next 20 minutes after you dose. This is one of my favorite aspects of it because if you’ve ever seen a cat run around the house right after it took a shit (spreading its unwashed ass-residue all over your fresh couch), you know how much energy a bowel movement can bestow upon an athlete (feline or otherwise [side note: administering phenylpiracetam to your furry friends that are also not human is not recommended]).

Improved mood – no wonder it is used as a depression aid. Phenylpiracetam puts me in a great mood and always manages to boost my spirits.

Increased aggression and “alpha feeling” – I personally experience a great increase in confidence and aggression which not only helps in my workouts but also my daily life. Bonus stacking it with other mood improvement agents like test or SARMs. You will feel like a billion bucks.

Improved recovery – sometimes I will dose phenylpiracetam in a smaller dose even post-workout, to get myself back up and about after an absolutely exhausting effort.

Hangover cure – that’s right! Phenylpiracetam works very well as a hangover cure. I prefer to dose it at 300mg for this purpose. It will work within 30 minutes virtually eliminating even the nastiest hangover (not the headache, for that I recommend advil + topical DMSO). For maximum efficiency, 300mg phenylpiracetam should be paired with 200mg caffeine, 1-3g piracetam and 300mg alpha GPC. However, just the phenylpiracetam on its own will usually do the job.

Sex aid – Yes sex on phenylpiracetam is better! You will last longer and enjoy it more. You will be a lot more eager for seconds and thirds also.

Social lubricant - I have used phenylpiracetam instead of alcohol for social functions. It can substitute somewhat well if you are trying to quit drinking.

I would like to note at this point that I feel phenylpiracetam works best when you do some sort of hard training. I feel like the majority of reports of non responders are people who are in piss poor physical shape and do not attempt to really do any meaningful exercise. Taking some phenylpiracetam and sitting still is not the same as taking phenylpiracetam and starting to train. It is potentiated by physical work. It is further boosted by endurance training. I know not a lot of you do cardio, but you really fucking should, and this will improve the effects of not just phenylpiracetam but I suspect other PEDs just by virtue of metabolic and cardiovascular systems as well as other health markers like blood pressure.


Start with a 100mg dose and see how you respond. Subsequently you can dose 100mg-300mg preworkout, with a daily maximum around 600mg. Phenylpiracetam can interfere with sleep (this varies by person), so ideally you would take it some time before it’s time to go nightey-night. The half life is approximately 4 hours but typically a 150mg dose wears off by then almost completely in terms of effects. Personally, I can sleep quite well on it after 5mg of melatonin. Do not take less than 50mg, because it seems to give some weird side effects to many people. Dizziness and overall brain fog being just a few.

It’s interesting to note that the first few times you dose phenylpiracetam you may experience a feeling of massive euphoria. For me, the first five or so times I felt like I was taking cocaine mixed with MDMA, but without any of the negative effects. It is quite an amazing euphoria that has no crash or any negative aspect whatsoever, pushing you to train harder (as opposed the mentioned narcotics which make you want to chill out in part due to the induced vasoconstriction). After the first few dosings this feeling goes away and is replaced by a clear headed energy which I feel is preferable. Other people did not experience such a profound effect and simply got the clear headed energy straight away.

Sublingual ROA is fastest, but does seem to have a slightly shorter half life (by pure anecdote, YMMV). Oral is fine and phenylpiracetam mixes in water quite well (I think it has a lot to do with the amount of moisture your powder has absorbed). Sublingual gives a bigger inital kick as well.

Is phenylpiracetam addictive? What about tolerance?

Yes it is mentally addictive, like caffeine is mentally addictive (but there is no physical addiction whatsoever). However, you cannot abuse it because it will simply cease to work. This was a big criterion for me choosing to use this substance as when I had started I was just recovering from some addiction issues. Any abuse potential is self-extinguishing which makes it just about the perfect drug.

I use phenylpiracetam 5 days a week for about two years with little tolerance besides the aforementioned loss of the narcotic-type euphoria. I try to keep the dose below 150mg and use it once a day. When I start getting up to a 400-600mg daily total dose, I start to see a large drop off in efficacy and need to take a week or two off to reset my tolerance. Cruising around 150mg seems sustainable indefinitely for me. Also, I literally can choose to stop at any time and experience 0 psychological or physical withdrawal symptoms.

Anyways, if you haven’t noticed already, I recommend phenylpiracetam, not just as a training aid, but as a life aid in general.