Ostarine: Kegels In A Bottle

TL:DR: a proven, safe and effective SARM. Watch for phase 3 results.

Kegels In A Bottle is the name of the presentation given by GTx announcing the results of a phase II study that used 3mg of Ostarine to evaluate its use to improve urinary incontinence in women. At the end of the study, researchers collected Patient Global Impression of Improvement (PGI-I) and Female Sexual Function Index (FSI) improves from baseline to 15.9 to 28.05. Improving women’s sexual function and desire - a truly worthy cause.

The same dose was used a few years prior in cancer patients who were losing weight, and given a placebo, 1mg or 3mg. The 1mg dose improved power by 15%, while 3mg dose improved power by 18% in a stair climb, and reduced time to complete the task by about 3%.

Going further back to yet an earlier study in 2011, LBM% change was significant: 3mg of Ostarine caused a 3% change in positive LBM, 1mg caused a 1% change, 0.3mg caused a 0.3% change, and so on. Sense a pattern here, because I sure do, and it’s incredibly exciting for PE. A reliable dose dependent relationship clearly exists. The 3mg dose also reduces blood sugar levels and there was a decrease in insulin resistance.

No strong data on adverse events for Ostarine is reported, with the exception of headaches in a large minority (37.5% at 1mg and 20.8% at 3mg respectively). Cholesterol was reduced while on Ostarine (good), no effect on LDL and reduced HDL (bad) by 17% and 27% at 1 and 3 mg doses. Take your fish oil tablets, men.

SHBG was reduced and this was accompanied by a reduction of total test, which declined by 6nmol/L for both 1mg and 3mg doses, or by about 30%. Both FSH and LH were lowered, but not significantly. That said, there’s definitely some suppression going on, even at these very low doses. Don’t believe me, look for yourself. And this was at 3mg. My assumption is that values fall further at 20-25mg.

In conclusion: I’m not dumb enough to believe that the linear dose / LBM% relationship will continue indefinitely, but the LBM results are strongly correlated with the dose. I don’t have any other data that might help us make conclusions on dose, and so won’t challenge the traditional bro-science dosage and likely ever won't since phase 3 won't increase the doses. I would advise continuing with our bro-dosages (brosage?), keep popping those fish oil tablets, and making those gains.