MK-677: Off-Cycle Use

Third and hopefully final article on this compound, at least for the moment. In my previous article, I concluded that MK677 was really of no use for the average /r/PEDs user and I completely ignored its potential off-cycle because… well, it’s off-cycle. Am I truly off-cycle if I’m running a compound to boost GH? In my mind, not really.

As you will read below, I've come around to using MK677 off-cycle because of its ability to protect gains, though I still think we overuse MK677.

First off, let’s cover real quick what nitrogen balance is, since it relates to the study I am primarily referencing:

Nitrogen balance is a measure of nitrogen input minus nitrogen output. Sources of nitrogen intake include meat, dairy, eggs, nuts and legumes, and grains and cereals. Examples of nitrogen losses include urine, feces, sweat, hair, and skin. Nitrogen balance can be estimated through blood urea.

Positive nitrogen balance is associated with periods of growth, and tissue repair. This means that the intake of nitrogen into the body is greater than the loss of nitrogen from the body, so there is an increase in the total body pool of protein.

Negative nitrogen balance is associated with periods of fasting. This means that the amount of nitrogen excreted from the body is greater than the amount of nitrogen ingested.

When your body is in a negative nitrogen balance, muscle will be lost through catabolism.(Paraphrased from Wikipedia)

In this particular study, n=8 aged between 24-39 were calorically restricted to 18kcal/kg day for two 14 day periods with the test group taking 25mg MK677 daily. The average nitrogen balance for the placebo was -1.48g/day (negative nitrogen balance) whereas the MK677 group average was 0.31g/day (positive nitrogen balance) after 7 days of taking the compound. During the second week of taking the compound, placebo declined to -8.97g/day, and MK677 improved to 2.69g/day. IGF1 was also about 40% higher in the MK677 group.

Graph here:

The study makes a conclusion that MK677 reverses diet-induced wasting,.. it may be useful in treating catabolic conditions. When you come off cycle you experience something very similar, though not necessarily diet-induced. This would be very useful for those who have several cycles under their belt, and a lot of gains to protect.

Props to /u/Killdarian who prompted this revision based on his challenge. You are absolutely right brobro, thanks for the kick.