ITPP: Can You Run Cardarine & ITPP Together?

/u/iron_therapy shared a study on tumor hypoxia, within which we can make an inference regarding optimal dose of ITPP.

The therapeutic effect of ITPP with and without radiation therapy was evaluated with ITPP enhancing tumour oxygenation in six models. The administration of 2 g/kg ITPP once daily for 2 days led to a tumour reoxygenation for at least 4 days.

Tumor oxygenation in this context is a good thing, as it might help their removal.

To investigate if lower doses of ITPP could induce a similar increase in oxygenation, various doses of ITPP ranging from 0.5 to 2 g/kg were injected once a day within 4 consecutive days. The results showed an obvious relationship between the dose and the response. A dose of 2 g/kg offered the optimal effect; however, the third and fourth doses did not induce any additional effect.

The increase in oxygenation was related to dose, and the upper dose was not established here since the highest value produced the best result.

That said, pay close attention to dose timing, and that subsequent dosing did not offer any improvement.

The effect of once‐daily and twice‐daily treatment was then compared. In the twice‐daily regimen, the second dose of the day was given at 6 hours after the first one, the treatment was lasting for 3 days. So overall, the animals of this group received six doses of 2g/kg in 3 days; whereas, the animals of the once‐daily treatment group received four doses of 2 g/kg in 4 days. No difference between two groups was observed.

So once a day was just a good as twice a day, and by the 3rd and 4th days the dose was not as effective. This jives somewhat with the recommendation here (see footnote of the article) of 500mg three times a week, rather than dosing it daily. It’s nice to see our broscience being validated in this regard.

So What?

More frequent dosing seems to add no additional benefit. 2-3 times a week, in line with current bro guidelines still seems about right.