GW0742: Cardarine Sans Cancer (maybe?)

GW0742 is a PPAR-delta agonist compound being investigated by GSK. If PPAR-delta agonist sounds familiar, that's because this is in the same category of compound as Cardarine, and potentially has a similar use. Related articles include

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There are no human trials to work with, and no animal trials looking at body composition / endurance (yet), so let's look at the leading indicators.

  1. Increases Insulin Sensitivity (in rats) - In diabetic rats fed a high fructose diet, the group given GW0742 had lower blood sugar than control, and insulin sensitivity was increased. From what we knew of Cardarine and PPAR-d agonists, this is an expected result.
  2. Improves Expression of Type 2 Collagen (in combination with other common osteoperosis treatment methods) - GW0742 greatly enhanced mesenchymal stem cells chondrogenesis and the expression of type II collagen and glycosaminoglycan in hBM-MSC-derived chondrocytes... (and if you understand any of that I'll be impressed. I sure don't.). GW0742 also indirectly reduced cartilage wear and tear.
  3. Promotes reverse cholesterol transport - Mice treated with 10mg/kg per day for 2 weeks increased reverse cholesterol transport. What this means is that it's moving cholesterol back to the liver, and eventually feces (poop), which should lower total cholesterol.
  4. Reduces Inflammation in Gut - Under a microscope, inflammation is reduced in the affected area by about 50-80% (my estimate from the photos). There's a bunch of data I am not familiar with to make further claims.
  5. Limits Right Heart Hypertrophy - In subjects with pulmonary hypertension, GW0742 relaxes in systemic and pulmonary vessels, and the dilator effects are independent of the PPAR-d receptor activation. Or in other words, it is cardiac protective which is in addition to any PPAR-d activation benefit. In this area it had a very similar effect to Cardarine. Rats took 30mg/kg for 3 weeks, and significantly reduced systolic pressure (researchers claim, I looked through the data and I couldn't find it).
  6. Enhances Lipid Metabolism - One of the reported benefits of Cardarine is the improvement in lipids. This seems to be the case for PPAR-d agonists in general. This was re-established for GW0742 in rats treated with 5mg/kg for 7 days. Fatty acid oxidation & TCA cycle genes were upregulated... transcription were increased significantly (>100%).

Words of Caution

Keep in mind that Cardarine was ran at a relative high Human Effective Dose for over a year in rats. These type of long term studies will be essential to predict risk in humans, as the longest study I could find (3 weeks) is not conclusive.

It's likely that all PPAR-d agonists will improve cardiac performance and key health markers. However, for this compount, the side effects are not well known at all.