Artemisia Iwayomogi: attractive supplement nearly impossible to source

Artemisia iwayomogi, which I will confusing refer to as AI here on out. TL:DR appears very promising in terms of its health benefits, with little risk.

Props to for their excellent collection of sources on this topic which I used as my starting point. Basic summary of preliminary results:

Dose seems to be effective at 200mg/kg or less, with effects of the compound being dose dependent, mostly. This converts to being 32mg/kg, or 3200mg for a 100kg person.

There are no human trials and side effects are unknown at high doses. My speculation is that this is very side effect friendly, which I conclude because this is a herb that’s been used in foods and medicines ‘for centuries’ in Korea. As it’s not a manufactured compound we’re unlikely to see any human trials since there will be no pharma companies lining up to jump through the FDA hoops. Bro-anecdotes on sides, therefore, are highly valued.

The only problem in adding this in as a daily supplement is its limited availability. It’s part of the artemisia genus which contains some 400 varieties of plant including sage and mugwort and I couldn’t even find the the iwayomogi plant itself for sale in North America. I’d be skeptical of any PED supplier who suddenly starts offering artemisia iwayomogi given how difficult it seems to find the plant or bulk powder for sale, as well as how similarity its effects are to cardarine meaning substitution is a high risk.

Next time someone goes to Korea please smuggle some seeds back in for me. And if a customs agent ever reads this, I’m totally joking. But not really.