ADV-033: 'ProSarms'

Following a post on ADV-033 in /r/PEDs, I was curious and found a site selling it. Oddly, I couldn't find anything on Google Scholar about ADV-033, which makes me think that the name of the compound isn't actually a testing or generic name like LGD-4033 is for Ligandrol / Anabolicum. It's just a fake. They gave their compound a fake testing name to make it seem like it was something that was in a clinical trial, and in the same class as SARMs.

What?! Who on earth would do that?

According to the /r/PEDs post, apparently Lee Priest, an old school body builder is shilling it. I don't know about you, but when I look to buy an untried and untested compound, I don't buy them from guys with face tattoos. I only buy from guys with tattoos on their penis, thanks.

Clicking on the first result in Google for ADV-033 gives a page filled with buzz words strung together that doesn't really make any sense.

ADV-033 is a ProSarm, not a steroid, but users have reported “Anabolics-like” gains.

I assume they mean AAS-like gains, since anabolics-like gains doesn't make much sense. User reports are not to be completely relied upon either. Because after all, would someone just go on the internet and fake reviews for their own products? Yes. Yes they would.

Enough Already: Does It Work?

ADV-033 is the strongest ProSarm we’ve ever developed in terms of potential size and strength gains.

What is a 'ProSarm' you may be asking? According to this vendors site:

ProSarms are designer chemicals that act as a precursor of a particular SARM formulation. When this resynthesized chemical is consumed, it will be converted into the hormone to which it’s a precursor, through the utilization of specific enzymes produced by receptors in the body. These receptors then convert into specific growth factors for muscle tissue development. Using ProSarms in activities such as bodybuilding ensure you efficiently convert them into anabolic hormones. These are a much safer alternative because ProSarms are not hepatoxic, so they are not damaging to the body like plant derived alternatives or anabolic agents.

Clear theme of prohormone running through this. A prohormone is a precursor to a hormone like Testosterone. The idea being after consumption it's converted into the active hormone. It's a tried and tested method of performance enhancment at a cost, and with SARMs it's an interesting idea, but my God this section is vague. 'Resynthesized chemical', 'utilization of specific enzymes' and 'receptors then convert into specific growth factors'... none of it makes much sense. Further, while prohormones are definitely thing, Google Scholar turns up 0 results on ProSarms... and so I'm left to conclude that just like the testing name they just made it up. lol


This (ProSarms) comes without the dangerous side effects of steroids. Unlike many anabolic agents, ADV-033 is non-methylated. This means it isn’t associated with liver toxicity or long-term organ damage.

SARMs are not methylated to begin with, nor do they have binding affinity in organs. So this is just the supplier playing on the fears that we all had when we had less experience. Kind of a shitty thing to do, to tout the lack of a risk that's not really present to begin with tbh.

From our research and trials, we’ve identified the following benefits: increased strength and lean body mass, and decreased body fat. Accelerated healing and recovery, and an overall enhanced sense of wellbeing have also been observed.

None of their research is available to actually review that I could find. Their observations are presumably from the totally not fake user reviews.


At 15mg per dose for 8 weeks, and a retail price of $154 for 30ml, that's a heck of a cost for a single cycle when compared to other PEDs.


I'm not saying that ProSarms are definitely a scam, maybe a SARM that converts in the body will one day be developed / brought to market, but as it reads right now, ADV-033 and other ProSarms being marketed sure doesn't seem legit to me. At the very least, the vendor is listing the item with dishonest / misleading information and with a complete lack of evidence.